Mission Board of Directors

The Lord blessed the "Hope for the people" mission ministry with a great team to work with. The Mission's board of directors mainly consists of pastors from Pilgrim Slavic MB Baptist church in Spokane, WA, along with other active church members. Every team member specializes in their own areas of ministry and expertise. Pastors on the team monitor and provide essential advice on projects and guidance for ministry work. Others implement ideas and visions into live projects. Throughout 29 years of ministering together, our team has shown dedication to the Lord, this ministry, and each other. We value each member of our team and thank the Lord for this opportunity to serve His Kingdom here on Earth.

"I do all this for the sake of the gospel that I may share in its blessings."
1 Corinthians 9:23

• Our Vision

“Reach underprivileged people, both nationally, and internationally, bringing them the means of salvation and wholeness of life”

• Our Mission

Bring the gospel and the message of hope to
our audience.
In addition, identify their physical needs and orchestrate the required provisions through related agencies and service providers.
Finally, make sure all participants become active members in biblical based churches.

• Our Values

- Followers of Christ
- Compassionate
- Transparent
- Servitude Leadership
- Honest in all activities
- Reliable
- Trustworthy
- Responsive to all people

• We’re involved in

Sharing the gospel locally and internationally. Supplying Cuba with Bibles. Serving families in war regions of Ukraine. Helping elderly people at senior homes. Orphanages. Hospitals. Jail ministry. Day camps for kids. Counseling. Financial support for missionaries. Mission conferences. Short term missions to Ukraine, Mexico, and Cuba. Church Planting. Baptism. Street outreach. Supporting churches. Youth ministry. Family camps and conferences. Family Day celebration.

• Our goals

- Provide Cuba with 100,000 Bibles by the end of 2020.
- Set up and manage Bible Art gallery in Spokane community, by August 2020.
- Develop, lead and participate in Family Day, annually, first Saturday of August in the Spokane Area.
- Identify and begin work in three new regions that require the provision of our ministry and service.